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Flame Workstation

Powerful Autodesk Flame 3D Compositing workstations designed to allow you to get the most out of your Flame suite investment. Developed with years of dedicated R&D and offering a number ofinnovative technology features that offer visual artists the hardware they demand to complete challenging stereoscopic 3D projects. Backed by a comprehensive array of Autodesk certified hardware options from both Intel and NVIDIA; maximizing your creativity and offering rock solid application stability.

Seamlessly integrate ultra-realistic lighting into the core of your 3D projects, finish stereoscopic 3D projects in record time with real-time color grading, and fully immerse yourself in your compositing workflow with the full power of Flame 3D visual effects tools.

Powered by the latest Intel Xeon multi-core processors and professional workstation graphics from NVIDIA (Quadro Fermi Series) our powerful, fast Autodesk Flame workstations can be bespoke builtto suit precise project/workflow requirements.

  • Maximum Application Performance with CPUs up to 4.2GHz
  • Up to 144GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro Fermi Graphics
  • Multi-GPU Enabled Architecture
  • Lightening Fast Hard Disk Throughput from 12x HDD’s
  • Solid State Hard Disk Technology

Maximize your software investment and let a Flame Workstation provides the edge in performance and reliability that brings out the value of your software investment.

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