Fast Workstation

If you need a fast workstation to enhance the efficiency of the way you work, then look no further. Every workstation we design is fast, with a variety of different speeds available to suit exact user/project/budget requirements.

From fast processors (CPUs), high speed memory I/O, fast 3D Graphics to fast hard disk sub-systems (for media/video and complex data read/write tasks) and beyond

Whether you need a fast computer or a Fast Workstation to do 3D CAD, CAM, CAE analysis calculations, or a fast computer/Workstation for rendering, 3D Renders or video trans-coding; our extensive range of fast workstations are available to improve the productivity and efficiency of the way you work.

  • Super Fast Performance  with CPUs over 4.2GHz
  • Powerful Multi-Core 64Bit Workstation Architecture
  • AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro Fermi Professional 3D Graphics
  • Lightening Fast Hard Disk Throughput from up to 12x HDD’s
  • Solid State Hard Disk Technology

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