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Fast, High Speed Maxwell Renders

If you want FAST, HIGH SPEED RENDERING and you are a user of Maxwell as your software render (with either Google SketchUp, Rhino 3D, Solidworks or other 3D modelling software) then we can definitely help. We specialize in the production of the world’s fastest, most powerful 3D rendering hardware. Guaranteed to dramatically reduce Maxwell renderer rendering times (without compromising on Quality).

We have designed and engineered a bespoke range of mobile & desktop based workstations and both Deskside and rack based render systems that will reduce your lengthy render times like never before. Rendering that used to take hours, can now be completed in just minutes, allowing you to dramatically increase your design productivity and complete even the most complex of Maxwell render tasks in record time.

“Don’t compromise on quality – Render high resolution images first time, every time with our Specialists render products” Tracing or simple Scan-line Rendering, for high res still imagery or highly detailed animation sequences; our dedicated 3ds Max rendering workstations, render nodes / servers or render 3D workstations essential for any design studio.

We deliver tailored to order solutions that are available with a large range of specifications (Quad, Six, Eight, Ten & Twelve CPU Configurations, Quad Core Processors, up to 1,024GB RAM, TB’s of Data Storage and more…)

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