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Fast 3D Renders with Mental Ray

We have developed the world’s fastest, most powerful Mental Ray rendering systems. Giving intensive 3D Visual Effects (VFX) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) users the ultimate high performance, fast mental ray rendering experience.

Certified for use with Mental Ray, mental ray standalone & Mental Ray iRay the new Multi-GPU GPU Rendering addition to the Mental Ray render line-up.

We are the worlds ONLY 100% dedicated Computer Graphics Workstation & 3D Rendering Systems Specialist and have engineered a broad range of 3D Graphics Workstations and desktop and rack mounted render nodes, render servers, render blades that are guaranteed to reduce mental ray rendering times; helping reduce project time to market and decrease lengthy 3dsmax or Maya render times.

From complex Global Illuminations (GI), Caustics, Ray Casting, Radiosity, Ray Tracing or simple Scan-line Rendering (for high resolution still imagery or detailed animation sequences); our dedicated mental ray render products can uniquely transform the way (and speed) at which you can work, resulting in a great return of investment and very low total cost of ownership.

“Our high speed mental ray render systems are a must have addition to any creative studio”

Custom built to order and available with a vast range of specifications (Dual & Quad CPU Configurations, Six Core Processors, 192GB RAM, TB’s of Data Storage and much more…

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