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Fast 3D Lightwave Render

If slow renders are affecting your project deadline, and Lightwave rendering is something you would like to speed up then look no further.

We are specialists here at WS in the production of powerful, high performance, ultra-fast Lightwave rendering solutions (Lightwave Render Servers, light wave render node or Lightwave 3D rendering workstations) that will dramatically reduce sluggish render times.

  • Need Quicker Lightwave Rendering?
  • Want to Speed Up your Render Times?
  • Complex Lighting Effects Causing Slow Renders

Compatible with both Mac and PC modelling workstations we have designed a range of desktop and rackmount render nodes, render blades and 3D workstations for rendering that are guaranteed to reduce rendering times; helping you to dramatically reduce project times and make your creative team more productive.

“Slow rendering can be your biggest bottleneck, Don’t let it affect your bottom line”

Custom built to order and available with a vast range of specifications (Dual / Quad CPU Configurations, Six Core Processors, up to 96GB RAM, TB’s of Data Storage and more…)

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