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Dual-Core 64Bit Computer Workstations

Our Dual core computer tower/mobile workstations are designed around the very latest dual-core Intel Core i5 processors (32nm Dual-Core). These processors consists of two complete physical cores formed into one singular physical processor, allowing up to DOUBLE the performance increase in comparison to an equivalent single core processor.

“Available with clock speeds exceeding 4.0GHz our Dual-Core workstations allows businesses of any size to benefit from improved return on investment”

As projects get more complex and time scales get tighter, dual-core workstations are now a significant part of of the overall design process. With the launch of the latest computer processor technologies (Intel Core i5) time intensive, single-threaded tasks such as 3D modelling, CAD design and Data analysis can now achieve massive performance improvements.Dual-core Workstation.

  • Solidworks, Inventor, Pro Engineer & SolidEdge
  • AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Design
  • 3D Studio Max/Maya Modelling (ViewPort)
  • Render Farm Management/Data Consolidation
  • Google Sketch Up and more…..

We have an in depth knowledge of all of the latest industry software applications, so can happily recommend the best possible configuration for your chosen software suite (and/or budget). With clock speeds available up to 4.0GHz per system (Dual, Quad & Eight Core) you can be assured to improve the performance of your CAD project.

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