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Computer Workstations for Revit Architecture

Whether you use AutoCAD Revit Architecture for Simple 2D/3D Design, or complex Visual Walk-through’s/Animations and Revit Rendering the need for a fast, reliable computer workstation that can reduce your time to market is critical in today’s fast paced visual market.

” Maximize your design team & software investments with a certified workstation “

Architectural visualisation has revolutionized the AEC community, with new software providing architects with the creative tools to generate lifelike photo-realistic images and 3D animations. The demands of this type of software have emphasized for many the need for a superior graphics workstation over the more conventional AutoCAD 2D design station/PC.

For over 20 years we have provided the Architectural and Design Engineers with professional hardware tools to maximise their return of investment (ROI) of their costly 3D design, rendering and graphical software packages. Workstation Specialists is the premier solutions provider for high performance workstations and rendering systems, using only the very latest cutting edge technologies available. Dedicated to provide a wide and varied array of products as well as industry leading levels of after sales and support services. We are proud to be at the bleeding edge of our profession enabling us to aid the architectural visualisation industry.

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