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Computer Workstations for Adobe Premiere Pro

It is vitally important for professional digital artists to have power in their hardware to deliver the results you require. taking advantage of the very latest computer hardware enhances your ability to be creative and leading you to success. From wedding videos, to feature length blockbuster movies…… hardware bottlenecks could be holding you back.

Professional Digital Video Workstations from WS are built for use with Adobe Premiere (and other leading video software applications). They are a key ingredient to the success of any digital studio and are powered by NVIDIA’s Maximus Technology. By utilising NVIDIA Quadro & Tesla GPUs they enhance the way that you create and interact with your digital projects, helping you drive down the cost of your most complex projects.

With a Maximus workstation, you can create photorealistic renders up to 9x faster and obtain almost 6x better price/performance for video encoding, while simultaneously working in your primary creative application.  With NVIDIA Maximus technology companies no longer have to create workflows with multiple stages or on separate systems to combine the power of visual computing with high-performance computing.  The combination of NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla GPUs allow the Tesla co-processors to automatically take the heavy lifting of rendering or encoding, freeing the Quadro GPUs to do what they do best; enabling rich interactive graphics. So you can do it all, all at the same time.

NVIDIA Maximus Certified systems from Workstation Specialists will change like never before the way in which you interact with motion graphics, vector graphics and multi-layered Premiere Projects. No mater the complexity of the digital media operations, with the advantage of a 64Bit Adobe Premier Workstation Specialist solutions; record compute times can be achieved.

With the Mercury Playback engine and the very latest 64Bit operating systems, workflows from full HD (High Definition) and 2K resolution can now be accomplished with the optimum efficiency. Combining this with the performance boost of Solid State Drives and up to 24TB of storage data, Adobe Software users have before had workstation performance at these levels.

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