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Computer Workstations for Adobe After Effects

As a professional 3D artist, having the power and performance to enhance your creativity is a step on the ladder to success. How many times have hardware limitations, system crashes or bottlenecks caused your projects (or deadline) to suffer?

Professional 3D graphics workstations that are built for use with Adobe After Effects are a key requirement for any digital studio, and production professionals demand levels of performance that simply can’t be offered by standard PC hardware.

Step forward Workstation Specialists, an award winning cutting edge computer workstation manufacturer that offers a dedicated range of power, high speed 64bit Adobe After Effects workstations; that have been designed from the ground up to enhance the performance of Adobe’s Creative Suite software and allow complex creative challenges to be completed in the shortest of time frames.

From complex After Effects rendering, to motion graphics, vector graphics and beyond….. even the most complicated of digital media tasks can be completed in record time with the power of a high speed 64Bit Adobe After Effects workstation from Workstation Specialists.

“Never before has so much workstation power been available to the Adobe Software user”

With the latest Mercury Playback engine and 64Bit operating system support, fully featured HD (High Definition) and 2K/4K work flows can now be completed with the upmost efficiency. With added performance from Solid State Hard Disk drives and a whopping 39TB of data storage never before has so much workstation power been available to the Adobe Software user.

Specifications of high end 3D graphics and After Effects workstations can be configured to suit precise user requirements, whether this be project or budget related.

  • Fast After Effects Rendering from up to 24x CPU Cores
  • Adobe Mercury Playback Engine Certified
  • Multi-GPU Enabled Architecture
  • Solid State Hard Disk Technology
  • Rock Solid Stability as Standard

Why limit creativity, when a Super Fast 64Bit After Effects Workstation from workstation specialists can offer the performance you need at a fraction of the cost of the time you’ll save.

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