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Chaos Group – Vray Rendering

For the ultimate Vray rendering experience look no further than our award winning range of 3D graphics workstations and rendering systems. Designed to reduce the intensive rendering bottlenecks, usually associated with complex 3ds max and vray rendering. Fully certified for Vray, Vray RT and Vray RT-GPU.

If you are an Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3dsmax), Autodesk Maya or Google SketchUp user and render using Chaos Groups Vray software renderer then you’ll already appreciate the high quality render outputs that are achievable; however if slow rendering is your problem then the main problem lies with your hardware. Choose from our fast CPU & GPU rendering systems for the ultimate vray rendering experience

“Speed up Vray rendering with our dedicated render nodes & 3D render workstations”

High speed, quick Vray rendering hardware is our specially. We’ve been producing dedicated 3D render systems longer than anyone else (over 20 years) and are uniquely placed in the 3D industry to provide unbiased pre-sales advise and technical assistance at every stage of the decision making process. From powerful CPU Rendering systems to ultimate bleeding edge Vray GPU Rendering servers with 8x dedicated GPUs. Perfect for even the most complex of vray rendering challenge.

All systems are 100% custom built to order and designed around your exact project requirements (specification or budget). So weather you are creating Architectural 3D Walkthroughs’ or high resolution 3D imagery our Vray rendering systems not just meet, but exceed the rigorous performance requirements of today’s leading CG professionals (3d artists, visual effects, film rendering, architects, designers & artists).

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