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CATIA 3D Design Workstation

From complex terrain modelling, 3D design visualisation, to complete product innovation; our high performance Catia 3D Mobile and Desktop Workstations can transform your entire project life-cycle. Whether you work in Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Ship building, Industrial Equipment or Construction & Architecture, we have a tailored made workstation range that can suit. Developed with break-through workstation, processor & graphics technologies that provide maximum return of investment (ROI).

“CATIA Real-Time Rendering, CATIA Photo Studio and CATIA Digitalized Shape Editor all benefit from the performance enhancements of every workstation specialists system”

CATIA’s innovative capabilities deliver an exceptional level of realism for aesthetic, visual designs and the ability to experiment with design options in real-time which can help increase creativity and innovation to streamline the manufacturing process. A recent technology addition to CATIA called Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) is now adding further performance capabilities to your design process.

CATIA’s VBO Technology is FULLY supported on ALL our workstations

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