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CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Workstation

Streamline your entire manufacturing pipeline with the help of bespoke high performance design, modelling, analysis and rendering systems from the UK’s leading computer workstation manufacturer.

Designed to increase the productivity at every stage of any projects lifecycle, our unique workstation portfolio features the worlds fastest, most powerful multi-core processor and graphics technologies that will transform and enhance the way that you work. From digital design, drafting, modelling to rendering, prototyping and beyond our extensive range of computer workstations have been developed from the ground up to allow designers to bring new levels of realism to their creative and engineering projects.

Analyse complex data sets, and create stunning virtual prototypes with photo-realistic lighting effects/shadows; all with minimal effort and maximized workflow. So whether you’re an engineer designing single part tools, or a proto-type specialist developing the next hybrid automotive or aerospace project (using Cimatron, DelCAM, PowerMILL, MasterCAM, SolidCAD, SurfCAM, EdgeCAM, CGTech Vericut, UGS NX-Ideas, Siemens PLM Software and more…); Our bespoke range of CAD / CAM / CAE (Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing & Engineering) workstations provide industry professionals with the performance tools required to not just meet but exceed the rigorous performance requirements of today’s leading 3D design, manufacturing and rendering software.

We are 100% dedicated to producing ultimate workstation solutions for the professional market. Developed to streamline all areas of the design, visualisation & manufacturing pipeline; we specialize in integrating the very latest computer hardware & graphics technologies with prices to suit all projects and budget.

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