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Bunkspeed Shot Laptop

Tired of slow Bunkspeed Shot performance?
Not able to perform GPU renders in front of your clients?

Then welcome to Workstation Specialists, the home of the Ultimate High Speed, Fast Bunkspeed Shot Rendering Laptop. Create the finest quality product design shots, in practically real-time thanks to the power of our WS-M series of mobile 3D graphics laptop workstations.

Provide high speed, fast Shot renders on a laptop that you’d never think could be possible. Crank up the detail and watch the images real-time render in front of your very eyes.Move your office onto the road, work from home or simply blow your clients away with high quality high resolution renders from Bunkspeed Shot on your laptop.

Powered by Intel Core i7 64Bit Quad-Core processors, up to 16GB of RAM, and Ultra Powerful 4GB NVIDIA Quadro 3D Graphics for the fastest, and most efficient Bunkspeed software experience.. Enhance your creative workflow today and remove the bottlenecks typically associated with standard laptop systems.

The Workstation Specialists WS-M Mobile Workstation range has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of software applications such as Bunkspeed Shot. Remove the hardware bottlenecks your projects that fundamentally cost your business money.

The very latest Intel Core i7 Processors @ up to 3.5GHz

Up to 16GB of Super-Fast DDR3 Memory

NVIDIA Quadro Professional 3D Graphics

Super-Fast Hard Disk from up to 2x HDD’s

Solid State Drive Technology

15.6” & 17.3” HD LED Display Options Available….

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