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Bunkspeed Move Rendering

To create high resolution, Bunkspeed Move renders you will need a powerful computer or rendering server, node or system, and to be able to produce quick Move renders a powerful system is almost mandatory.

Our fast Move rendering computers and nodes are built for fast 3D rendering tasks, and have been engineered to offer the highest levels of Move render performance at a very competitive price. Powered by Intel Xeon 64Bit processors and up to 192GB of memory we have developed our Move render solutions with up to DOUBLE the PCI-Express of other workstations, allowing for maximum CPU to GPU performance.

Available as a desktop, desk-side or rack based solution the Workstation Specialists Shot rendering computers can handle massively complex datasets with ease, and provide the end user with one of the fastest and most powerful Bunkspeed Move rendering experiences available.

  • High Performance Multi-Processor Workstations
  • Available with 1-8x NVIDIA GPUs (6GB Memory Per GPU)
  • Low Noise, Adaptive Air Cooling
  • Powerful, yet Power Efficient
  • Rock Solid Stability as Standard

Time is money, so why waste your time/money on slow Bunkspeed Move rendering, when a powerful new WS workstation could pay or itself in time saving along in less than 3 months.

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