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Bunkspeed Hypershot Rendering

Bunkspeed’s Hypershot (and the new Shot GPU Rendering) delivers revolutionary, interactive 3D rendering. To maximize this rendering speed the need for a fast CPU & GPU workstation is a must and this is exactly what we can offer.

We have a unique portfolio of Bunkspeed Shot & Hyper Shot workstations all designed for maximum GPU Rendering speed & Efficiency. powered by NVIDIA Quadro & Tesla (Fermi) GPUS for the fastest and most reliable platform available on the market today. All backed by our award winning after sales service and support. Available with 1, 2, 4, or 8x GPUs totalling over 4,096x GPU Cores Our WS-GPU Series has been specially developed to enhance the maximum rendering performance from Bunkspeed Shot Software.

For the fastest performing, Bunkspeed Hyper Shot rendering systems we have designed a product range in line with the latest software rendering tools (Raytracing, HDRI lighting, Global illumination, Ambient occlusion, Final gathering, Environment shadow casting, object shadow casting, Environment reflections, Refraction, Caustics and object light bouncing) to maximize design productivity and reduce project time to market (TTM).

With Workstation Specialists hardware at your finger tips you can render your photo-realistic designs in real time (even with our laptop workstations).

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