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When it comes to 3D design, only a few are unaware of Dassault Systemes® renowned SOLIDWORKS application. It enables users great functionality to create 3-D or even 2-D designs, permits efficiency driven collaboration and even lets you run a simulations on your designs based on practical conditions before you start to engineer your physical parts. It is no surprise then, that due to the cutting edge features of SOLIDWORKS, the application is one of the world’s most popular among engineers.

SOLIDWORKS is a fantastic 3D design software package however, we want to remind you that for it to perform optimally, you need a workstation with just the right specifications. So what characteristics does the perfect SOLIDWORKS workstation possess? To give you an idea of the precise hardware that will compliment your SOLIDWORKS application and enable you to reap all of its benefits to the maximum level, we have composed a list of characteristics the best SOLIDWORKS workstations possesses, so let’s jump to matters of importance.

CPU Frequency Over Cores:

Processors with many cores are in fashion nowadays. These processors typically contain a larger number of cores contained on a single chip. What people often forget is that because of the nature of tasks SOLIDWORKS is used to fulfil including the rebuilding of models, SOLIDWORKS runs better on a workstation with a lesser number of fast cores. This occurs because modelling is largely a linear process.

Since SOLIDWORKS largely makes use of a single core, it is listed under the category of ‘frequency based applications’. This means that an ideal SOLIDWORKS Workstation should possess a fewer number of cores and a higher frequency. However, some processes within SOLIDWORKS such as rendering or simulations often use a greater number of cores. These processes amount to exceptions, though and SOLIDWORKS dominantly works the best with systems that have a faster clock speed and fewer cores. Since SOLIDWORKS is a single threaded application, we highly recommend ‘professional overclocked' systems because that will optimise its performance regardless of the task at hand.

System Memory/ RAM:

It is crucial to ascertain the right amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) you need. This largely depends on the nature of the task you are performing. Data sets get larger as your product design incorporates a greater number of parts or a higher level of complexity. To deal with these huge data sets that come with your model design, you need larger RAM. Tasks such as simulation also require larger RAM.

Corsair Memory Modules

To perform complicated calculations you need to load larger data sets and, consequently, you need a larger RAM capacity. Now, what happens if your RAM does not meet the mark? Hard drive caching might occur which will result in a greater amount of time being incurred to load data sets. This results in a waste of time, energy and costs. To prevent glitches and delays, we highly recommend using SOLIDWORKS with at least 16 GB of system memory. This would ensure that your data sets load onto the application smoothly so you can perform basic computations without wasting a large amount of time. Having 16-32 GB of memory would ensure that you can run SOLIDWORKS in combination with other applications too.

Graphics Card/ GPU:

Deciding which graphic card to make use of is important as well. Should you make use of Professional NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX graphics? Yes, complicated tasks like RealvView, Wire Frame View and Relative View obviously require more refined graphics so even if you have heard that ‘gaming' graphic cards (like Nvidia Geforce or AMD Radeon) work, they will likely cause graphical glitches and make some features of the application such as Realview Graphics inaccessible. This is why you need to be very specific about the graphics card you use.

NVIDIA Quadro cards or AMD Radeon Pro WX are both great options because they have a great amount of on board memory, have optimised drivers to run well on SOLIDWORKS and are fully ISV certified by Dassault Systemes®. You need to pair up these Graphic cards with the right CPU for them to function effectively. You also need to find the right Graphic driver software to use with your SOLIDWORKS application. Generally, a NVIDIA Quadro card or AMD Radeon Pro WX would be able to cater to most of your modelling, designing and rendering tasks because of their enlarged memory capacities, professional application optimisations, ISV certifications and superior graphics specifications.


We are aware of the fact that SSD's are expensive, but they are very helpful if you have to load large amounts of data. When opening and saving assemblies are concerned, replacing a mechanical hard drive with an SSD would remarkably reduce the time spent performing these operations.

Samsung SM961

Whether you choose an SSD or not depends largely on your budget, but if you want to make your SOLIDWORKS workstation the best it can be then, you should pick Fast M.2 NVMe SSD storage device. The fantastic reading and writing capabilities of these Solid State Drives are known to make it easy and quick to open assemblies for SOLIDWORKS users.

What If I Use Many Applications?

One of the advantages of building a well thought out workstation compatible with SOLIDWORKS is that its utility is not exclusive to SOLIDWORKS only. If you choose to switch, remember that most applications in the same category are a lot like SOLIDWORKS so you can use the same workstation with applications from the CAD category like Inventor, Catia and Creo to name a few.

Our expert sales team are able to weigh out the task and specifications you need to find the perfect SOLIDWORKS workstation for you and your company. Businesses that have found compatible tailored hardware are able to get the the very most applications such as SOLIDWORKS have to offer. So if you want see SOLIDWORKS running at its full potential, get a tailored SOLIDWORKS workstation today.

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