Laptop for 3D Studio Max


If you want to run 3ds max on a laptop (or notebook computer) then you need to make sure you choose a 'professional mobile workstation' rather than a simple high end laptop PC. The difference being the use of professionally certified 3ds max graphics that are fine tuned and optimized for viewport and 3D modelling use.

We offer this exact solution and for the ultimate creative experience, we have designed a bespoke laptop workstation system that has been developed specially for the 3D VFX modeler/artist. Powered by the world's fastest, most powerful multi-core Intel processors and industry certified NVIDIA Quadro K Series professional graphics. Our WSM series is the choice as a 3ds max laptop.

"Does inferior hardware limit your creativity"

By harnessing the worlds fastest, most powerful Quad-Core processors & workstation graphics into a 3dsmax laptop; we have created an awesome combination of desktop performance, NVIDIA Quadro® graphics power and 3D modelling & rendering speed to make this a must have tool for today's creative and engineering professionals.

NVIDIA Quadro Mobile Graphics  
3D VFX Modelling
Digital Compositing
Fluid Modelling
Real-Time Rendering
Visual Presentations

" The WS-M Series Combines Desktop Like Performance,
With the Portability of a Laptop

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