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Bentley Microstation Rendering Workstation

We have a wide range of 3D CAD Workstations and Mobile Laptop Workstations certified for use with Bentley Microstation. Designed to enhance every aspect of the virtual project life cycle our high speed 3D Graphics systems are designed using the very latest computing technologies and are built to offer rock solid stability with even the most complicated of Bentley datasets.

With 3D CAD & Rendering Workstations from WS you can be rest assured that you have the highest levels of performance & application stability at your finger tips

Workstation Specialists provide professionals in the design industry bespoke tailored hardware tools allowing them to maximise their productivity to gain a faster return on invest on their expensive professional software. Our company ethos is to all be on the very cutting edge of technology, so that we can provide our customers with the very best professional solutions possible. We boast a large and diverse product portfolio, ensuring that we can deliver the perfect solution to meet any engineering or architectural visualisation professional’s requirements.

We know what is required to power sophisticated professional CAD / BIM software like Microstation so can recommend the best specification & performance for your projects.

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