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Autodesk SoftImage Laptop

From 3D modelling, simulation, game development, to animation, high speed Softimage rendering and beyond. Our unique range of Autodesk SOFTIMAGE laptops are developed on a proven 3D workstation architecture that features some of the worlds fastest, most powerful laptop technologies. Perfect for every genre of 3D.

Here at workstation specialist our WS-M (Work-Station Mobility) range of high performance, powerful Softimage laptops give 3D professionals an unparalleled levels of power, precision and flexibility to bring creative visions to life quickly and efficiency.

No longer will complex visual effects restrict your workflow, or adding shading or textures increase your project deadline and leave you sat in the studio for hours on end. With our WSM professional, high speed Softimage laptops workstations you can achieve unprecedented levels of realism with the most complex of visual effects, from any location. Desktop like performance, with 100% full XSI certification and dripping with cutting edge mobile workstation technologies.

Do not let hardware constraints limit your creativity

Architectural, VFX, Film, Broadcast/Television, Animation, Games Development and More…..

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