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Autodesk Navisworks Computer Workstations

From contractors, engineers, planners, building owners and their architects, to plant design & construction, naval architects, shipbuilders, dry dock facility operators and beyond…. the need for a high performance, rock solid hardware platform on which to collaborate is essential; enabling all Navisworks users to value their software investment in all phases of their design, construction and operation process.

Navisworks® software solutions enable project design and building professionals to unite their contributions into a single synchronized building information model (BIM). Our workstations further enhance this software investment and enable project team members to reliably share, combine, review and perfect detailed 3D design models of any size or format, with maximum performance and graphics stability.

“Our Workstations and Navisworks software solutions excel at the heart of your building information modelling (BIM) workflow “

For years we have been providing the professional design industry with the hardware tools required to maximize the return of investment (ROI) of all major 3D design, graphics and rendering software. As the UK’s premier high performance computer workstation and rendering system manufacturer we offer a complete product portfolio that is backed by a superior level of after sales service and support.

“We are at the forefront of computer workstation technology for the engineering and architectural visualisation industries”


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