Autodesk Motion Builder 3D Workstations

Autodesk® Motion Builder® software is a powerful, real-time 3D character animation productivity suite for games, films, television, and multimedia, designed to complement Autodesk® Maya® and 3ds Max® software.

Our workstation solutions offer users of Motion Builder software (animators and technical directors) with real-time animation display and editing capabilities, combined with non-linear 3D editorial environments; allowing directors and cinematographers to interactively direct virtual cameras in ways that have never before been possible.

WS offer custom tailored to order systems, designed using the 64Bit multi-core processor architecture and workstation graphics technologies (AMD FirePro & NVIDIA Quadro) our Motion Builder workstation solutions are capable of slicing through even the most complex of animation projects, with breathtaking speed and efficiency.

  • Multi-Core Intel® 64Bit Processor Technologies
  • High Speed DDR3 Memory (Max 192GB)
  • Certified Workstation Graphics (Up to 6GB)
  • Solid State Hard Disk Storage
  • Max. 18TB of Local Hard Disk Storage
  • Full Support for Autodesk® FBX® File Format
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Supported
  • and much more

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