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Autodesk Inventor Workstations

Our extensive Autodesk Inventor workstation and proefesisonal mobile laptop ranges span many industry sectors, and enables design professionals to work freely with large complex assemblies / designs. From basic single part assemblies to complex multi 1000 part sub-assemblies our powerful and fast Inventor computers (workstations) for 3D CAD are at the backbone on many leading engineering organisations.

Specially configured to enhance the comprehensive Inventor toolset for 3D modelling and mechanical design, our Inventor CAD workstation solutions offer a fast and productive hardware investment for producing, validating, and documenting complete digital prototypes. Designers can now build virtual 3D models and prototypes that help users visualize and simulate how a design will work; helping manufacturers get to market quicker with fewer physical prototypes and more ground-breaking products.

So whether you need an entry level CAD computer to manipulate simple Inventor assemblies or a powerful multi-core graphics workstation to design and visualise intricate 3D assemblies files and render high resolution photo realistic images with Inventor Studio, we have the Inventor workstation solutions to match. Here at Workstation Specialists we have developed an award winning range of high speed CAD hardware systems (laptop & desktop) that incorporate the latest processor and certified graphics technologies to transform the way that you work. Unleashing new levels of productivity and removing bottlenecks typically associated with old and outdated computer hardware platforms.

“Unleash Your Design Potential & Choose an Autodesk Certified Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro® Graphics “

Boost Productivity with Multiple Displays
Increased screen real estate means increased productivity. And Quadro, with its dual DVI/Display Port outputs and nView® display management utility, efficiently powers and seamlessly manages multiple displays
Maximize System Uptime
Quadro graphics solutions are engineered, built, and tested by NVIDIA to ensure your system works when you need it. With an extended 24-36 month product life cycle, Quadro lets you standardize on a supported system for a longer period of time.

NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards deliver up to 3x times the performance, compared to consumer graphics like NVIDIA GeForce. Use Inventor 3D Visuals and Manipulate models faster with more accuracy. In addition, Quadro provides significantly higher visual quality in all visual styles with anti-aliased “smooth lines” allowing you to easily manipulate and orient fully shaded models without any reduction in performance.

  • Maximize Autodesk Inventor Productivity
  • Interact with More Complex Models
  • Visualize Complex Design with More Realizm
  • Boost Autodesk Inventor Performance
  • Maximize your Software Investment

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