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Autodesk 3dsmax Workstation

Autodesk 3D Studio Max is widely known as one of the world’s most popular 3D Design and visualisation software applications for professionals. This hugely powerful tools enables users to create stunning 3D scenes in a virtual setting, and render outputs that are photo realistic. This diverse tools allows for still image outputs to motion/animated graphics outputs primarily used for 3D VFX, Architectural, Broadcast, CGI, Film, Games Development, Visualisation and Motion Graphics.

Due to its professional nature, Autodesk 3ds Max requires tailored professional grade computer hardware with certification to get the most out of the application. We design and construct custom built tailored computer workstations here at Workstation Specialists, to provide the exact solution demanded from Autodesk 3ds Max. We are proud to be developing one of the world’s most powerful workstations and rendering solutions for 3D Studio Max allowing our customers to tackle creative environments of any complexity.

  • Highly Complex 3D models giving you a headache?
  • Workstation Polygon count causing you to grind to a halt?
  • Struggling to meet deadline due to slow renders?

Why not make these a thing of the past. We are a leading graphics and rendering workstation manufacturer specialising in dedicated workstations computers that not only handles but excels with any task 3D Studio Max demands. Whether you struggle with complex models with high polygon counts, real flow, wish you could render in real time, or find you multi-core final renders are slow, solutions from Workstation Specialists could alleviate all this issues.

Improve on your efficiency to allow you to work faster, produce more and experience the luxury of testing out more design ideas and creative effects, all within standard project times. Take on more complex design and creative challenges and out high resolution renders in record time with a WS rendering solutions.

  • Increase efficiency and work faster
  • Sample and test more design ideas
  • High resolution outputs rendered in record time
  • Rendering at high speed configured as standard

Designed and developed from eh ground up to enable professionals to experience the ultimate 3D Graphics Workstation for 3D Studio Max.

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