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AutoCAD Design & Rendering Workstation

Whether you need an Entry Level based computer to for AutoCAD LT, or Enterprise Class performance 3D CAD Workstation and Mobile Workstations for a Autodesk AutoCAD (Architectural or MEP) full licence. A CAD Workstation that is professionally certified is a mandatory requirement to exploit the latest features and developments in your CAD software.

Our award winning line up of CAD workstations / mobile laptop workstation include the very latest professional certified workstation graphics technologies with the capabilities to transform the way workstation operate and the way you work, enabling new levels of productivity and eradicating bottlenecks associated with outdated and inferior computer hardware platforms.

Whether its AutoCAD rendering, detailed 2D layouts, full scale Architectural plans or applying complex CPU intensive hatching to DWG files; Our custom bespoke built 2D/3D CAD Workstations deliver designers and architects the power, stability and precision required to meet the demands of today’s project challenges. Developed with enhancing the performance of leading CAD software (ArchiCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD, LT, SOLIDWORKS and many more…) in mind our workstations perform brilliantly in even the most demanding environments whilst providing the stability and reliability to support your business without fail.

” Choose an Autodesk Certified Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro FX Graphics from WorkstationSpecialists and fully unleash your true design potential “

Increase Productivity with Multiple Displays
Dramatically increase your screen real estate leading to increased productivity NVIDIA Quadro, supporting Multi Display outputs via DVI, Display Port or HDMi video outputs. Combined with NVIDIA’s Control Panel Utility, efficiently power and seamlessly manage multiple displays
Maximize System Uptime
NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions are designed, built, and tested to ensure your workstation works when you need it. With NVIDIA’s extended 24-36month product life cycle, NVIDIA Quadro lets you standardise on a supported solution for a much longer period of time.

AutoCAD Certified
With over 8 years of engineering research and development and engineering time NVIDIA Quadro provides an optimized graphics solution for AutoCAD. Each year, NVIDIA and Autodesk together spend over 2,000 engineering hours to test and certify the latest Quadro graphics cards with AutoCAD. Many of AutoCAD’s advanced features won’t run optimally without a professional class GPU like NVIDIA Quadro. NVIDIA Quadro Kepler for AutoCAD is your key to increased design productivity, unprecedented performance and visual quality.

NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards takes advantage of driver acceleration and application optimisation to deliver up to 3x performance increases, compared to consumer graphics available like NVIDIA GeForce range. NVIDIA Quadro uses AutoCAD’s 3D Visuals and Manipulation models more efficiently to ensure faster results with more accuracy. In addition, NVIDIA Quadro provides dramatically increased visual quality in all visual styles such as antialiased lines allowing designers to quickly and easily manipulate / orient shaded models without any performance reduction.

  • Maximize AutoCAD Productivity
  • Interact with More Complex Models
  • Visualize Complex Design with More Realizm
  • Boost AutoCAD Performance
  • Maximize your Software Investment

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