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AMD Opteron Rendering

AMD Opteron 64Bit processors varying from Dual processor to six core architectures deliver the power to provide extremely high speed 3D renders. The trade-off however is the reduction of GHz clock speeds which are pivotal when trying to achieve the highest levels of rendering performance.

Compatible in our award winning 1U rack mount render nodes and our professional 3D Workstations, rendering blades and render servers. Awesome CPU performance for minimising project render times is achieve. Opteron Eight-Core processors from AMD allows leading creative/design professionals to render quicker and in more complexity than ever before.

AMD have also focused on efficiency ensuring their Opteron Eight-Core CPUs render at excellent price/performance ratios when considering GHz power to Watt. Designed with AMD’s latest 32nm CPU architecture fabrication process, at Workstation Specialists our render nodes are produced to take advantage of these technologies ensure power efficiency, optimising your workflow and reducing overheads when rendering crucial projects.

The AMD Opteron Eight-Core processor is ideally suited to DUAL processor configurations providing design/creative users with SIXTEEN (16) dedicated rendering cores.

  • 3D High Resolution Rendered Images
  • Complex Rendered Animations
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Fast Rendering
  • High Speed Render Times
  • and more…..

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