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64bit Workstation

Powerful 64Bit Workstations offering outstanding performance for all professional software applications. From 3D CAD, Academic, CFD/FAE, Scientific, Digital Content, to Video, Broadcast, VFX, Computer Clustering and more…

If you need work with demanding data sets, the need for a powerful 64bit workstation capable of accessing large amounts of physical RAM is critical in order to produce the outputs you need. All our WS solutions are 100% 64Bit certified and available with memory configurations exceeding 256GB.

Every system is available with a variety of 64bit operating systems from Microsoft, and a number of distributions of Linux (please contact us for details).

Our 64Bit workstations can access larger memory configurations than standard workstation. By having access to larger amounts of system RAM, users can work on larger and more complex projects. This adds greater stability for multi-tasking workflows and quicker performance with demanding digital environments.

  • 64Bit Workstations with in Excess of 256GB of RAM
  • Powerful Multi-Core 64Bit Workstation Architecture
  • AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro Fermi Pro 3D Graphics
  • Lightening Read/Write Fast Throughput from up to 12x Hard Disk Drives
  • Ultra-Fast Solid State Drive Technology
  • Microsoft Windows 64Bit, and Server 64Bit Operating Systems

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