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64Bit High Speed Render Workstations

If you’re in need of a fast rendering computer to decrease your render times, or make complex high resolution renders that little bit easier then look no further. Here at Workstation Specialists we offer the full range of high speed rendering systems to suit everyone; from 1U rack mountable render nodes, to desktop render 3D workstations and beyond.

Whether you’re an engineer that needs to pre-visualize an innovative design, or an architect requiring quick 3D animation rendering, or a Digital Content Artist that has to render a time critical final frame project (in high definition) in record time; then having the correct hardware rendering system at your disposal is vital.

Why waste time re-rendering scenes that have errors, when you can render your projects in full resolution on time, every time?

Choose from our range of desktop Quad-Core workstations and rack mounted render nodes to fully unleash your studio’s potential. High speed rendering computers from us have never been easier to implement into existing project pipelines…..

The Ultimate High Speed, Fast Rendering Solution

  • DUAL Processor Technology – 48x CPU Cores
  • Rack Mounted or Desktop Designs
  • Low Noise/Silent Acoustic levels
  • Up to 1024GB of High Speed Memory
  • Solid State Hard Disk Technologies
  • High Speed GPU/Graphics Rendering
  • Desktop & Laptop Systems Available
  • Available Fully Pre-Configured & Ready to Run
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Supported

” In order to maximize both your software investments and profit margins, it pays to invest in an ultra high speed rendering system – Do not let hardware constraints limit your creativity” 

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