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64Bit CAD, 3D Graphics & High Speed Rendering Workstations

In order to get the most out of today’s modern, intensive 3D CAD, Design, Digital Content Modelling and Visual Effects (VFX) software; design and creative professionals require the fastest, most reliable workstation available.

Why get slowed down by the limitations of basic, inferior hardware?

As world leading software applications make full use of the latest Microsoft Windows & Linux operating systems, now is the time to invest in “next generation” workstation technologies that can remove the bottlenecks normally associated with older generation platforms. Improve your creative pipeline with true multi-core workstation hardware and produce higher quality outputs in less time. Reduce your time to market (TTM) and get a quicker return on investment (ROI)!

We are a world leading computer workstation manufacturer. Specialising in the production of high performance 3D graphics and rendering systems, exclusively developed for the professional market. No other manufacturer has such a wide range of products focused on the professional user; with an in depth knowledge of today’s creative & engineering industry’s. With accreditation from world leading component suppliers and awards from leading industry publications we are unique in the workstation marketplace; offering performance platforms backed by dedicated after sales service and workstation technical support.

“Maximize your design & visualization team with our range of high performance workstations; optimized for leading industry software applications & 64Bit”

Industry leading CAD, CAM, CAE, Digital Content & 3D Visualisation applications (Autodesk Inventor, 3ds max, Maya, Microstation, Catia, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, SolidEdge, Cinema4D, XSI, Lightwave, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and many more…..) can now take full advantage of the latest workstation & graphics technologies to eliminate costly system crashes & lock-ups typically associated with working on large, complex 3D projects (models/assemblies and data sets).

Our high performance, multi-core 64Bit workstation solutions will satisfy even the most demanding of users. Built using the very latest energy efficient, processors, industry certified workstation graphics and ultra fast hard disk sub-systems; they not only deliver improved levels of performance, but they do this with lower running costs that older generation systems. We deliver customized and upgradeable workstation platforms that are individually built to order (not to stock) & 100% optimized for your chosen software application.

To find your perfect workstation, tailor made for your specific requirements please contact us or speak with our system specialists.

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