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Powerful, fast 3D workstations designed for the most intensive 3d user work-flows. Built with the latest industry technologies to produce fast rendering and responsive, easy to use 3D modelling environments.

Workstation Specialists have built a number of 3D workstations that provide world class performance to users on any budget. available with anything from FOUR to THIRTY TWO CPU cores and up to 512MB of RAM.

Perfect for users of 3D Software like Autodesk 3dsmax, Maya, SoftImage, Mudbox, Maxon Cinema4D, Newtek Lightwave and much more.

As professional 3D workstation software applications like Autodesk 3ds max require professional grade of computer hardware, we work closely with industry software developers to provide a high performance stable platform that is certified for use. Here at Workstation Specialists we design and custom build the ultimate in 3d Workstation hardware (and have done for over 25years). We are proud to be a world leading high performance computer workstation and rendering system manufacturer.

“Unleash your true potential,
and DO NOT let hardware constraints limit your creativity

Work faster with greater efficiency, and have the luxury of sampling more 3D design ideas and creative effects within normal project time frames. Complete the most complex of 3D workstation design/creative challenges and render high resolution outputs in record time, with high speed rendering configured as standard

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