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3D Visual Effects (3D VFX) 64Bit Workstations

Our bespoke range of 3D visual effects (also known as CGI, DCC or 3D VFX) workstations and mobile workstations have been specially engineered to enhance application stability and more importantly the productivity of today’s creative and digital professionals who work with intensive, complex computer generated visual effects (Film, Broadcast, TV, Animation, Architectural Visualisation). Artists and designers the world over, from all walks of creative life (animation, audio, graphics, images, video, film, broadcast, games development, CGI and more….) have benefited from our award winning computer workstation portfolio.

Whether you’re a a artists working with Adobe Photoshop, a professional 3D VFX manager working in Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3dsmax), Autodesk Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, SoftImage) or a Video Compositor creating feature length character animation, we produce some of the world’s fastest performing computer 3D graphics workstation solutions and can guarantee to improve the speed and efficiency at which you work. Faster rendering, real-time 3d walk-through’s, smooth image effects, full GPU acceleration and more….

Here at Workstation Specialists we are 100% dedicated to producing ultimate computer hardware solutions for the professional market. Developed to streamline all areas of the Creative, Design & VFX pipeline.

  • 3D Animation & Modelling
  • Character & Motion Tracking
  • Character Rigging
  • High Speed, Fast 3D Rendering
  • Real-Time GPU Rendering
  • Dynamic Ray Trace Rendering
  • High Viewport Frame Per Second Performance
  • and more….

“To get the most out of any software investment and unleash your creativity it makes sense to invest in a certified workstation that is designed to support your business without fail”

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