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3D Rendering

Complex 3D project are notorious for taking forever to render, and you can soon develop a love hate relationship towards the irritating hour glass; however things don’t have to be like this.

Experience rendering 3D graphical images quicker than you even thought possible, and even better still it doesn’t have to break the bank. With custom built to order systems from Workstation Specialists you can have powerful and efficient rendering horse power to fit your specification or budget.

Do you wish you render at much higher resolutions, have more integrate lighting in your projects or to simply be able to render much quicker?

Our unique, dense, versatile and completely scalable rendering systems are capable of dealing with even the most complex and demanding of 3D rendering tasks at speed that amazes. Designed specifically to optimise 3D Design professional’s productivity and workflow.

Taking advantage of the power of Intel’s latest Xeon 5600 Series 64 Bit processors and available with 1-4 Professional Graphics Cards for optional GPU rendering configurations. Our systems can produces levels rendering speeds like never before. The NVIDIA Quadro range GPUs can produce rendering speeds that far surpass traditional CPU’s.

  • Multi-Processor for High Performance –  24x Threads per System
  • Up to 1-4x NVIDIA GPUs (6GB Memory Per GPU)
  • Adaptive Air Cooling resulting in low noise
  • Power Efficient yet powerful
  • Rock Solid reliability and Stability

Here at Workstation Specialists we know time is money, so don’t waste anymore of your time/money on slow inefficient renders, when WS could provide you with a fast bespoke rendering workstation that could pay for itself in time saving alone in less than 4 months.

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