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The WS2850 is an ultra-high end Enterprise Class Workstation enabling digital professionals to interact with their projects on a whole new level. This 3D graphics workstation has been developed to fulfil demanding and relentless computing tasks, faster than ever before.

Workstation Specialists have developed the WS2850 to allow design engineers and creative digital content artists to interact and visualise projects faster and more efficiently. Comprised of only the very greatest in enterprise class workstation technology and the world’s highest performing and powerful computing components. Built upon the power of Intel’s Dual Xeon E5 2600v2 Ivy Bridge-E up to 12 core CPUs, quad-channel DDR3 ECC Registered Memory and PCI-E 3.0 I/O, as well as so much more… 

The power produced by the Dual Intel Xeon’s enables new levels of multi-threaded performance, a more intelligent system, resulting in faster results. The WS2850 has a maximum of 24 physical cores and a massively impressive 48 threads thanks to Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology.

The WS2850 is ideally suited to multi-threaded workflows and applications such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Maxwell, Cinema4D, Softimage, Lightwave, Rhino, After Effects, Premier, Rendering, Analysis, Data Acquisition, Simulation among others… The architecture behind this system lends itself to increased levels of Parallel computing tasks enabling High performance Compute users or 3D creative designers experience new levels of performance.


-        Powerful and efficient Multi-Threaded Application Performance

-        Dual Intel Xeon ‘Ivy Bridge’ E5-2600v2 Series processors

-        Up to a massive 24 CPU Cores (48 CPU Threads)

-        Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0  & Intel® Hyper-Threading Technologies

-        Quad-Channel DDR3 1600MHz ECC Registered Memory - Max 512GB

-        Next Generation PCI-E 3.0 Expansion Slots

-        Exceptional Floating Point Precision

-        NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro Professional Graphics

-        NVIDIA Tesla or AMD FirePro GPU Computing Processor Options

-        Ideal for Complex and Demanding Multi-Threaded Workflows - 3D Modelling, Data Analysis, Visualisation

-        Low Noise, Energy Efficient Solution


By tailoring the processing power where it is needed the most, our WS2850 offers incredible levels of performance per watt. With high clock speed processor options the WS2850 can offer sound single-threaded, as well as fantastic multi-threaded performance thanks to its maximum 48x computing threads.


We also offer a bespoke one to one benchmarking/demonstration service where you can run/trial a render node with your exact projects/datasets for a true like for like comparison with your own/existing computer hardware. Please speak with our sales team for further details.

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