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WS-X1181G Frequency Enhanced 3D Visualisation Workstation

The WS-X1181G is the best performing GPU rendering focused workstation in the Workstation Specialists line up due to its impressive 4x graphics cards compatibility. For those who require exceptional modelling performance and near real-time GPU rendered outputs then this system is perfectly suited to your needs. With a professionally overclocked Intel Core i7 or Core i9 processor and up to 128GB memory, this system is also a well rounded multi-purpose workstation for all your needs.

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This Frequency Enhanced workstation builds upon the highly flexible and powerful WS-X1180 foundations but has increased GPU Rendering and compute capabilities thanks to its support for up to 4x dual width Graphics cards. This feature makes the WS-X1181G the very best tower workstation in the Workstation Specialists line up for GPU rendering in applications such as VRayRT, Octane Render, NVIDIA IRAY, NVIDIA Mental Ray, Radeon ProRender etc…

Extreme Graphical Performance

This workstation takes advantage of specialised technology built directly into the motherboard to enable the system to utilise more PCIe lanes than the processor supports as standard without reducing performance. This is how we achieve the huge graphical compute performance in the WS-X1181G with up to 4x Professional Graphics cards running at full x16 speeds.

Configure this system with up to 4x NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards and experience performance like never before in your NVIDIA CUDA accelerated or AMD OpenCL based applications. An alternative use for this system is the huge amount of display outputs (up to 32 displays) this system can deliver making it an ideal solution for hardware accelerated graphical display walls.

Powerful, Optimised and Versatile Intel Core i9 Processor

This workstation also takes full advantage of the Intel Core i9 processor family, frequency enhanced by our in house team to deliver maximum processing performance. This highly optimised professionally overclocked workstation benefits from both impressive clockspeed of up to 4.2GHz and lots of cores and threads (18 and 36 respectively).

These statistics make the WS-X1181G an extremely versatile machine being able to perform all CPU based tasks from modelling through to CPU rendering competently. The Intel Core i9 processors also take advantage of Intel’s most advanced to date Skylake-X architecture, which not only brings increased Core counts but also improved processor cache, support for AVX-512 and a Teraflop of CPU compute performance to your workstation.

Quad Channel DDR4 System Memory

Memory is no bottle neck in this system either. With up to 128GB max capacity of the latest DDR4 memory technology, the WS-X1181G has the capabilities to cope with even the largest of GPU rendering tasks. If you are planning on updating from an older workstation containing DDR3 memory, you will benefit from increased speeds and stability. This is because DDR4 offers cyclic redundancy checks (CRC) for improved data reliability, on-chip parity detection for integrity verification of ‘command and address’ transfers over a link, enhanced signal integrity and other robust RAS features.

High Speed NVMe Solid State Storage Technology

We only configure our systems with the very best technology available today to deliver optimum performance to our customers. This ethos is also true for the storage drives that go into our systems. That is why we recommend our customers configure their system with the very latest Samsung NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. This storage technology uses the same communication channels to the processor as your graphics cards to deliver industry leading performance. We recommend our customers to configure both their operating system and application on one of these drives to ensure fast boot times, snappy application loading times and general responsiveness when using your workstation. We also suggest accompanying your SSD with a larger traditional Hard Disk Drive to store your data and files as this delivers higher capacity at a reasonable price.


We are confident you will be happy with the performance and stability a Workstation Specialists solution provides and we understand the importance of your system to your business. That is why we back up all our workstations with a 3 years full parts and labour warranty with an optional 4th & 5th year labour only uplift. This is facilitated by our expert in-house support engineers dedicated to resolving any issue you have as quickly and as hassle free as possible.

Socket: Intel Socket (LGA-2066)
Chipset: Intel X299
Supports: Intel® Socket 2066 Core™ X-series Processors
Type: DDR4 Quad Channel non-ECC, Un-buffered
Maximum Capacity: 128GB
Slots: 8
PCI Express:
PCIe 3.0 x16: 7 (runs at x16,x16,x16,x16 or x16,x8,x8,x8,x8,x8,x8)
Slots Internal:
M.2: 2 Gen 3 x4 (1x 2242/2260/2280/22110 & 1x 2242/2260/2280)
SATA: 8 SATA 6Gb/s
U.2: 2 Connectors (Supports 2x U.2 Devices)
USB 3.1 Gen-1: 1 Connector (1 used by front panel)
USB 2.0: 2 Connectors
Ports - Front:
USB 3.1: 2 Gen-1 Type-A,
Audio: 2 Audio Jacks
Ports - Rear:
USB 3.1: 8 (1 Gen-2 Type A, 1 Gen-2 Type C, 6 Gen-1 Type-A)
USB 2.0: 4 Type-A
Network: 2 Gigabit RJ45
Audio: 5 Audio Jacks & Optical S/PDIF out

Cinebench R15 Multi-Core CPU Performance Benchmarks

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Cinebench R15 Single-Core CPU Performance Benchmarks

*Value rating based on Cinebench R15 Single Core performance score vs approximate price of CPU.

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WS-X1181G Frequency Enhanced 3D Visualisation Workstation