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Tesla Server

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Based on the new NVIDIA CUDA GPU architecture code named “Kepler”, the Tesla 1U Server Computing Systems are designed from the ground up for high performance computing. It supports “must have” features for the technical and enterprise computing space including ECC registered memory for uncompromised accuracy and scalability, and 3 times the double precision performance compared to Tesla "Fermi" GPU computing products. Compared to the latest 8 core CPUs, Tesla K20 computing systems deliver 1.2 TFlops to the CPU's 0.2 TFlops double precision performance, at a dramatically lower power consumption per core. NVidia Tesla K Series GPU's can offer 2x the performance for 1/2 the cost of CPU's alone.

Designed with three of the latest-generation Tesla (K10, K20 and K20X) computing processors in a standard 1U chassis, the Tesla server computing systems scale to solve the world’s most important computing challenges – more quickly and accurately.

NVIDIA Tesla    

Feeding HPC Industry’s Relentless Demand for Performance.

Keeps pace with the increasing demands of the toughest computing challenges including drug research, oil and gas exploration and computational finance.

Many-core Architecture Delivers Optimum Scaling across HPC Applications.

Parallel performance from 8,064 cores capable of concurrent execution of thousands of computing threads and scalable architecture meets computational demands of applications whose complexity has outstripped the CPU’s ability to solve them.


We also offer a bespoke one to one benchmarking/demonstration service where you can run/trial a render node with your exact projects/datasets for a true like for like comparison with your own/existing computer hardware. Please speak with our sales team for further details.

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Tesla Server