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Small Form Factor Workstation

Customisable Small Form Factor Workstations

Small Form Factor Chassis Choice

Wide Selection Of Small Form Factor Chassis Available

Whether your needs are style, budget or performance we have a large selection of small form factor chassis available to perfectly fit your needs.

These highly compact and flexible chassis designs allow you to keep the performance of a larger workstation, without losing the flexibility on components you require.

Professionally Overclocked Core i7 Options

Experience high speed processor performance from our tailor made in house processor optimisations.

Reliable & consistent frequency output across all cores means you always have the resources available for your workflow.

Single threaded workflows such as CAD Design and 3D Modelling benefit greatly from this processor setup.

Small Form Factor Professional Overclock

Small Form Factor Graphics Options

Pro ISV Certified NVIDIA / AMD Graphics

Size doesn't have to restrict graphical performance.

Our selection of small form factor workstation solutions are compatible with all the very latest professional graphics available today, ensuring you have all the performance you need.

If NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX cards are not to your taste then NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics are also available.

Enterprise Class Options Available

If you require an Enterprise Class Workstation or Server with an Intel Xeon Processor, ECC memory support and Enterprise Class storage drives then look no further.

Our Small Form Factor solutions are not limited by there size and our hardware specialists will work to give you everything you require.

No longer do you need large industrial looking towers for a server grade computer, so why not package that technology is a lightweight stylish package?

Enterprise Class Small Form Factor Workstations

NVMe M.2 Solid State Drives Small Form Factor Workstations

High Speed Data Storage

Take advantage of the latest M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive technology.

These storage drives offers users a faster and more responsive user experience than anything before.

With speeds now over 20x faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives your Operating System, applications and data files will load far quicker than ever before.

Our Friendly Technical Specialists Are Here To Help!

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