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Workstation Solutions For Your Software

It is our firm belief that every workstation we develop should be tailored to suit the needs of the user. When you collaborate with one of our specialists they will listen carefully to your requirements, we will then endeavour to provide you with an optimised solution that has been designed perfectly to improve your workflow and is reliable too.

We believe in building relationships and good communication with our customers. This approach helps us to truly understand how you intend to use the equipment and match it to the demands of your software. Using our knowledge and decades of experience we can offer advice on a variety of configurable solutions to make sure you will have the best user experience possible and subsequently make the most out of your investment.

Contact us today or request a quote online to discover the right system for your needs. We pride ourselves on creating the right solution for you, whether it is for modelling, rendering, image processing or HPC tasks, we are here to assist you to make the right decision.


Media & Entertainment

With ever increasing demands for more realistic computer-generated imagery as well as higher resolution output, the demand on workstation hardware has never been so great. Media & Entertainment professionals have a clear demand for bleeding edge computer technologies to help them bring their visions to life, in as short a timescale as possible.

Tailored workstation solutions from Workstation Specialists can help you to achieve your ambitions whether it is for Photo / Video Editing, Post Production, 3D Modelling / Content Creation or CPU / GPU rendering workflows. We have a solution to fulfil your needs.

Workstation For Autodesk 3DS Max

3D Studio Max

Accelerate your 3DS Max design processes with our selection of high clockspeed, multi-core professional graphics workstations and our dedicated rendering solutions.

Workstation For Adobe After Effects

After Effects

Due to the demanding nature of post production tasks such as keying, tracking, compositing and animation you must have the correct workstation technology to efficiently achieve your goals.

Workstation For Maxon Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D

We configure our systems to suit your needs. If you plan on modelling 3D content, creating animations or require dedicated CPU / GPU rendering hardware we have the solutions to suit your needs.

Workstation For Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve

Tailored workstation solutions will make colour correction, audio post and visual effects tasks during post production a breeze in Davinci Resolve.

Workstation For Autodesk Maya


Experience the unrivalled performance a tailored workstation can provide to enhance your Autodesk MAYA modelling, rendering, simulation, texturing and animation workflows.

Workstation For Otoy Octane Render

Octane Render

Turbo charge your GPU renders using one of our highly tuned Frequency Enhanced Multi GPU workstations or offload your rendering tasks to a network assisted GPU render farm.

Workstation For Adobe Photoshop


Create stunning imagery, enhance photographs, illustrations and 3D artwork on an optimised workstation featuring professional NVIDIA or AMD graphics.

Workstation For Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Experience smooth and responsive video editing for a small youtube clip or a feature length 8K Hollywood production when using Premiere Pro in conjunction with one of our optimised workstations.

Workstation For Redshift


Reduce your GPU render times with an optimised up to 4x GPU workstation using the latest graphics technology or offload your rendering tasks to an up to 10x GPU server.

Workstation For Unity


Whether you are an indie games creator or working on the latest AAA title, experience exceptional performance and bring your creations to life using our frequency enhanced professional workstations.

Workstation For Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Make the most of the Unreal Engine suite by using one of our optimised bespoke workstations. Build your games, simulations or visualisations on one of the most responsive solutions available today.

Workstation For Chaos Group Vray


Are you CPU or GPU rendering using Chaos Groups industry leading VRay package? Experience record render times with bespoke made to order workstation and network render hardware solutions.


Architectural Engineering & Construction

Our bespoke workstation solutions are tailored to fit around your needs, enabling you to bring your Architectural, Engineering and Construction visions to life. With a wide array of computing options from frequency enhanced, professionally overclocked 3D modelling and design workstations to high performance multi-threaded and multi-GPU solutions. We have the computing solutions that will allow you to drive your creations forward and make them a reality.

Workstation For Archicad


Take advantage of our frequency enhanced professional graphics workstations, optimised for ArchiCAD 3D design and modelling workflows.

Workstation For BIMReview


Being a part of STRUMIS Ltd gives us the inside knowledge to construct the most efficient BIMReview solutions possible.

Workstation For Lumion


Creating architectural visualization videos and images from CAD models is a resource intensive task. Our highly optimised workstation solutions aid you in achieving this quickly and easily.

Workstation For Agisoft Photoscan


Creating 3D spatial data from high-resolution photos is a time intensive task. Our workstations are able to dramatically reduce the time required for all stages including aligning photos & building the dense cloud.

Workstation For Pix4D


Generating 3D maps and models from photogrammetry or computer vision algorithms is a very resource intensive & time consuming task. Our optimised solutions can help you complete your tasks as fast as possible.

Workstation For Autodesk Revit


Increase modelling & rendering capabilities with our frequency enhanced workstations. Our solutions are extensively tested & producing best in class performance, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Workstation For Rhino


Modelling precise architectural & engineering designs within a CAD environment is a demanding task. Our optimised workstations for Rhino provide all the performance you require to achieve your goals.

Workstation For Sketchup


Accelerate your architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering design workflows with bespoke tailored workstation solution optimised perfectly for Sketchup.

Workstation For STRUMIS


Don’t settle for anything less than perfection for your STRUMIS systems. We are the hardware brand of STRUMIS Ltd, giving us access to a wealth of knowledge to optimise every aspect of your solution.


Manufacturing, Engineering & Product Design

Design and manufacturing in industries such as automotive and aerospace require 3D modelling, highly realistic rendering and simulations to be performed throughout the design, testing and implementation phases of projects. All these stages have their own unique computing requirements and are only getting more demanding on computer hardware as professionals strive for greater precision and accuracy.

Bespoke tailor-made workstation solutions from Workstation Specialists are enabling professionals to turn their dreams into reality. We believe in extensively testing professional software on our workstation platforms so that we are able to provide users with highly tuned solutions for their workflows that delivers maximum performance, reliability and a fantastic return on investment.

Workstation For ANSYS


Accelerate your ANSYS engineering simulation workflows with tailored workstations and dedicated networked server solutions from Workstations Specialists.

Workstation For Autodesk Autocad


Drafters have all the performance they require to turn visions a reality with a frequency optimised workstation configured for Autodesk AutoCAD workflows.

Workstation For CATIA


Get the most out of the 3D modelling and simulation capabilities of Dassault Systèmes Catia with a bespoke workstation solution designed specifically for these workflows.

Workstation For PTC Creo


Unleash the full potential of Creo functionality such as Additive Manufacturing, 3D Modelling, Simulation and Augmented Reality (AR) with a tailored highly optimised workstation.

Workstation For Autodesk Inventor


Optimise your Autodesk Inventor mechanical design, simulation and visualization workflows with a frequency enhanced workstation solution.

Workstation For Keyshot


Bring your KeyShot product designs to life quicker and more efficiently than ever before with our multi-core workstations offerings or a dedicated CPU rendering solution.

Workstation For Solid Edge

Solid Edge

Improve productivity in all aspects of your product design workflows from design to simulation with our tailored workstation solutions engineered specifically for Siemens Solid Edge.

Workstation For SOLIDWORKS


Discover professionally overclocked workstations combined with professional graphics, providing SOLIDWORKS users with unrivalled performance and user experience.



Multi-Core processor workstations tailored specifically to SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION enables professionals to test & analyse their parts / assemblies quicker and more efficiently than ever before.



Increase render speeds and content productivity with our multi-GPU workstations or remote GPU server options, designed specifically to accelerate GPU rendering applications such as SOLIDWORKS VISUALIZE.



Viewers all around the world, across all media platforms from live television to online streaming services are demanding ever greater resolutions, live computer-generated graphics and increased user interactivity. All these aspects are putting more and more strain on your computer infrastructure.

By using bespoke tailored workstation solutions from Workstation Specialists, digital broadcasters can rest assured, knowing they will have the reliability and computing performance essential for live broadcasting productions.

Workstation For Twitch


Meet the demands of professional live streaming on Twitch. Our specifically engineered solutions are designed to cope with the pressures of high intensity gaming whilst live streaming.

Workstation For Vizrt


Bring your vision to life with a tailored workstation solution specifically designed for real-time 3D graphics, studio automation and sports analysis VizRT workflows.


Why Choose Workstation Specialists

Quick Turnaround

We are able to guarantee an industry leading turnaround time of 5-7 working days on the majority of our system orders by holding stock of key components. In addition only reliable supply lines are used to obtain remaining components.

Hand Built by Experienced Engineers

Each of our systems are hand built to order by a dedicated highly trained engineer. This enables us to guarantee the quality of each of our solution builds and allows us to supply a product you can rely on.

High Quality Components

We track the reliability of every component we use and if that item is not up to our high standards we will not sell it. Therefore you can be confident that buying any solution from us will meet the stability and reliability you and your business require.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Every system has to pass a minimum 48 hours of burn-in to stress components to their maximum to identify any faults. A thorough Q&A procedure is also used to independently verify build quality. As a result we are confident in the robustness of every system that leaves our workshop.

Here to Help You

You will receive a dedicated account manager responsible for resolving any questions or enquiries you may have. When contacting us via phone or email you will be greeted by a real person ready to assist you.

Warranty Packages Designed To Fit Around You

Support that goes above and beyond. Our standard warranty package includes 36 Months Premium RTB Hardware Warranty with Remote Engineer Diagnostics by Next Business Day. If you require something extra then labour only extensions and on-site options can be tailored around you.

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