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Do you ever wish you could render at speeds like the large corporate design house but struggle to match their resources and infrastructure? That could all change with the RS-D2850 from Workstation Specialists.

We have produced a small and quiet deskside render node built upon the same architecture as Enterprise Class rackmount render nodes. No need for large server rooms, server cabinets or expensive air conditioning units.

The RS-D2850 is a networked render node that can sit comfortably on top of your workstation, to the side or your workstation or anywhere else (providing it has access to power and your network) for that matter. This unique design unlocks unrivalled potential for small open planned offices and dramatically reduce your render times.

As the RS-D2850 is built upon the same industry leading technology as our RS-R2850 you can be assured that you will receive rock solid reliability and greater performance levels, enabling you reduce your project turnaround time and allow you to expand and take on more business.

If one render node is not going to produce enough power then no problem. Our RS-D2850 infrastructure is designed to be 100% scalable, meaning that the power of multiple RS-D2850 render nodes can be combined to give unlimited expansion capabilities.

These units are completely remotely manageable via a technology known as iKVM. Therefore you do not need a Monitor / Keyboard & Mouse for each system. From you workstation you have complete control over your render node through render managers such as Backburner, to distribute out a render jobs or if you would like to control the render node directly you can log into it remotely via an iKVM through your web browser.

Each render node can be configured with 2x Intel Xeon E5 2600v2 processors offering up to a massive 24 physical cores and 48 virtual threads thanks to Intel’s hyper threading technology. The RS-D2850 can also contain up to 512GB of fast DDR3 1600MHz memory, all ensuring your renders are finished in the fastest possible times.

If you are struggling to keep up with project demands, having your workstation tied up for hours on end rendering can be frustrating. Why not offload that responsibility to our RS-D2850, freeing up your workstation to continue working away on other tasks. Spread the load and see your complex images and animation sequence come to life in record times.


We also offer a bespoke one to one benchmarking/demonstration service where you can run/trial a render node with your exact projects/datasets for a true like for like comparison with your own/existing computer hardware. Please speak with our sales team for further details.

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