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Workstation Specialists have produced some of the world’s fastest and most powerful workstations for professional industries. We have now developed the WS2610 our most power workstation to date. Born out of creative professionals need for ultimate speed and performance we have crammed in all the very latest and greatest technologies available (Intel® Quick Path Interconnect (QPI)  Intel® Hyper-Threading (HT) & Turbo Boost and more…). Professionals from all industries from 3D Creative designers, motion graphics developers / animators, engineers to scientists performing simulations will find all the power they need from this system.

Based around the raw power of the Intel Xeon 5600 ‘Westmere’ processor architecture the WS2610 produces more power and performance than any other previous generation. With an impressive 12 CPU cores and 24x threads the WS2610 can deliver all the power required, when it is needed most. Furthermore this system is nearly silent which is even more impressive when considering the revolutionary power under the hood.

The WS-2610 key strength is its ability to excel at multi-tasking operations something which applications such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Maxwell Renderer, Cinema4D, Premier, and After Effects are all optimised to take full advantage of. Experience your applications at new unprecedented levels of performance with the power of Intel’s latest Xeon technology.


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