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The WS1850 is a NVIDIA Maximus certified workstation featuring a single Intel Xeon E5 processor and NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla GPUs. GPU acceleration from NVIDIA’s professional product range can dramatically improve the performance of professional applications such as MatLab and ANSYS.

The WS1850 has been designed to offer our clients enterprise grade workstation architecture, to give confidence to professionals across many industries such as Research, Simulation, Analysis, 3D Creative Content Design, Video Post-Production, Architects and Engineers that they will have the reliability and stability to ensure their Workstation will perform at its optimum for many years to come.

NVIDIA have designed their Maximus technology so that users no longer have to separate workflows into different stages on different systems to achieve results. With the help of GPU acceleration, workstations can now excel at both single threaded and multi-threaded parallel compute workflows. Therefore, CAE simulations can be completed up to 4x faster, photorealistic images can be rendered up to 9x faster as well as offering a much better price/performance when compared to equivalent power, CPU only based workflows.

The GPU power is also complimented by an impressive multi-core Enterprise class Intel Xeon E5 Multi-core CPU. With up to 12 cores and 24 threads, the WS1850 is no slouch when performing CPU based computing tasks. The system can also contain a maximum of 64GB DDR3 ECC registered system memory ensure large datasets are no problem for the WS1850. 

We hand craft our systems to a tailored specification for our clients so that they get the exact system they require for their needs. Focus your budget on the areas you will benefit most from and ensure you are not over spending on technology you don’t require with the help of our Pre-Sales Consultancy team.


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