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The WS1460E is a single socket Intel Xeon E3 ‘Haswell’ Enterprise class workstation. This 4 core 8 thread processor comes with all the benefits of server class Xeon products with rock solid reliability and ECC memory support to ensure product longevity and stability throughout the systems life-time. The system is also highly energy efficient keeping energy bills down, whilst being environmentally friendly.

Like the rest of the Workstation Specialists product range, the WS1460E has professional graphics from NVIDIA and AMD ensuring you have full ISV certified graphical performance. This ensures that your professional applications will run smoothly, without issue and that you will get the best performance possible from your system.

Whether you are an engineer producing 3D CAD Designs in SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD or Inventor, an Architect working with Revit or BimReview or you are a creative Artist working with 3D Content in 3D Studio Max, Maya or Cinema4D. You can rest assured that the WS1460E will be a reliable companion in your workflow.

Workstation Specialists have worked hard to produce the WS1460E containing only Enterprise grade hardware components whilst maintaining a competitive price point. Whilst keeping prices low, the workstation produces exceptional computing performance to satisfy users working on even large projects.

The WS1460E also features support for up to 32GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC system memory, capable of supporting over 18TB of data storage and can be solely tailored to your specific requirements with help from our dedicated Pre-Sales Consultancy team.


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