WS-X160 Frequency Enhanced 3D Design Workstation

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The WS-X160 is a highly optimised 3D Design workstation solution. Thanks to the professional in-house enhancements made to this system, the WS-X160 is the fastest frequency workstation we offer, making it the ideal solution for 2D / 3D CAD Designers, Architects and Visual Effects.

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What Are The Benefits Of Enhancing Workstation Processor Frequencies?

Workstation Frequency Enhancement also known as overclocking is the process of modifying the settings within a system bios that relate to the system processor. By changing voltage levels, the multiplier, memory profile etc… which enable the processor to exceed its standard ‘out the box’ performance levels.

The primary benefit this has is the GHz performance of the CPU cores. So what real world benefits does this give you? 3D CAD Design, Architectural and Visual Effects applications such as SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Revit, DaVinci Resolve, Affecter Effects etc… are largely single threaded applications. This means they will not take advantage of lots of cores/threads seen in a lot of Workstations and instead it is more important to get a single core as fast as possible. Our in-house developed custom professional overclocking profile delivers a massive 35% increase in performance over standard settings, which you will directly experience in your system and applications responsiveness.

Is it Safe to Enhance Frequencies?

If done incorrectly then unfortunately not, however our expert in-house engineers have many years’ experience developing stable and reliable packages of correct components and settings, ensuring your system is as safe as a non-overclocked solution. How we achieve this is by firstly keeping everything cool. We use a highly effective Dual 120mm radiator liquid cooler fitted to a high airflow chassis which is a very effective way to extract heat away from the key components and out the back of the chassis.

We also test all our WS-X Frequency Enhanced systems for a highly intensive 48 Hour stress testing cycle. This pushes all the components to their maximum for a sustained period of time to expose any issues there may be with the system. Once the system has passed the testing process with a 100% score the WS-X160 is ready to go to work.

Finally should you be unfortunate enough to have an issue with your system our dedicated support team will be at hand to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. All our WS-X Frequency Enhanced Workstations come with the same excellent three years full parts and labour warranty as our Enterprise class workstations guaranteeing you the best possible support experience.

Is a Frequency Enhanced Workstation Noisy?

You may be wondering if all that extra cooling built into a WS-X Frequency Enhanced Workstation increases noise levels of the system. Our Research and Development team have put together a very impressive liquid cooling solution for our systems, ensuring the systems decibel reading remain at a very low level, ideal for any small office environment.

To further improve upon noise levels the systems high airflow chassis has built in sound dampening technology. This feature is able to capture low noise generated by the system and block it from reaching the external environment around the system to further decrease decibel noise levels of the solution.

What Are The Advantages of a Professional Certified Graphics Card?

The WS-X160 can be fitted with a graphics card from either the consumer grade NVIDIA GeForce GTX or AMD Radeon ranges or professional certified cards from the NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX series line ups.

If you are using a professional application such as those made by Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes®, PTC, Rhino etc… then we recommend professional ISV certified graphics options. The professional graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD have been proven stable and reliable graphical options to professionals for many years. Furthermore they have optimised drivers that have been specifically designed and tested in your application of choice to ensure maximum graphical performance and stability.

There are also advantages regarding support. Should you come across a graphics related bug within your applications, stopping you from achieving your goals, if you have a professional ISV certified card installed in your system then NVIDIA and AMD will directly support you with the application software vendors to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Is This System The Right Choice For You?

The WS-X160 is a highly optimised and configurable piece of equipment that is very flexible in the tasks it can perform effectively. This makes it one of the most popular choices in our range for our customers delivering you great performance and a competitive edge over your competitors. The WS-X160 enables you to work on a platform based upon the very fastest computer technology today such as Frequency enhanced Intel Core i7 Processors, ISV certified Pro graphics, NVMe based accelerated Storage technology and high frequency DDR4 Dual Chanel memory.

If you are interested in finding out the very best configuration for you based upon your requirements and your budget then contact our highly trained pre-sales team today for a quick and informal evaluation.

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    The workstations haven’t been used for long enough to comment fully on the performance.

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