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WS-X143 Frequency Enhanced 3D Design Workstation

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SKU: WS-X143

Our WS-X143 Professionally Overclocked Workstations enhanced by our in-house expert team of engineers for maximum performance. Our Frequency Enhanced range ensures solid reliability as each system is put through a rigorous 48 Hours of intensive stress testing before leaving our assembly area.

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Details & Specifications


Looking for optimum performance in CAD, then we have a best of breed solution that offers outstanding performance. Featuring the latest Kaby Lake processors which are frequency enhanced up to 5 Ghz, and memory up to 3000Mhz, this ultra-fast system achieves impressive benchmark numbers for single threaded software applications. We recommend this system for large assemblies and models where the user requires minimum latency and a smooth workflow. We also recommend fast SSD drives for faster data transfer rates and ultimate user satisfaction. Run through our configurator to build your own specific solution and request a quote. We’ll make recommendations to you if you are happy to provide details about the software applications you will be using.

1 review for WS-X143 Frequency Enhanced 3D Design Workstation

  1. Kerrina

    I purchased the product for a colleague, not for myself but if anything wasn’t up to scratch I’d have been told about it. We always make all our expensive IT purchases from this Company as they’ve never let us down on build quality, specifications and especially lead time. If I’m given a spec for new drawing software that we need a computer to run, Tom is really helpful and sorts out all the technical spec as I wouldn’t have a clue. They’ve never let us down which is why I use them exclusively for our more costly purchases. All old machines brought from them are still running brilliantly.

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