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WS-X141S SFF Frequency Enhanced 3D Design Workstation

End of Life


Our WS-X141S is the smallest professionally overclocked Workstation ever produced by Workstation Specialists. Going small posed a challenge, but we would not accept anything less than equivalent performance of our full sized desktop. As a result when compared to systems of similar size, the WS-X141S is the most powerful professionally overclocked (up to 4.6GHz) liquid cooled workstation and Graphical performing workstation available today. We are not limited to smaller less powerful graphics cards like other systems, so you can take advantage of the entire NVIDIA or AMD Professional Graphics Card range, whilst being covered by the same 3 year warranty offered with all our other systems. Take advantage of going small without having to settle for lesser performance.

Workstations are supposed to be huge black boxes that remind you of the opening sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey. But Workstation Specialists has other ideas.– James Morris
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Details & Specifications

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