WS-M153S 15.6″ Ultra Slim Mobile Graphics Workstation

Ultra Slim, Extremely Portable, Impressive Performance and Fully ISV Certified. The 15″, 1.8KG WS-M153S is the perfect mobile workstation for professionals on the go. With a great combination of performance and power efficiency thanks to the Intel Core i7 7700HQ and professional NVIDIA Quadro Graphics. The stylish WS-M153S gives plenty of grunt for your pro applications whilst maintaining a long battery life.

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Striking yet Elegant Design

Gone are the days of professional mobile workstations being large heavy and cumbersome machines. The WS-M153S full aluminium chassis is an eye catcher, perfect for taking on the road and putting in front of your clients. At only 17.7mm thick when the screen is closed; when we say “ultra slim mobile workstation” we really mean it.

Flexible Configuration Options

Build your own specification suited to you and your applications needs. This highly configurable Mobile Workstation Solution is ideal for workflows ranging from 3D CAD Design, Architectural Design, right through to High End 3D Visualisation and VR. If you are unsure of your needs don’t worry, our expert pre-sales consultancy team are here to help. Our friendly expert team strive to make your experience as easy as possible and to ensure you get precisely the solution you need. They know your software whether it’s SOLIDWORKS, Revit, Unity or 3DS Max so contact us today.

Intel 7th generation Mobile Processor

Featuring Intel’s latest 7th Generation mobile processors delivering up to 10% performance gains on previous generations and a much smoother working experience. The latest Intel Core H based mobile CPU’s are also proving to be highly optimised for energy efficiency, leading to longer battery life, whilst delivering more performance. The Intel Core i7 7700HQ featured in the WS-M153S Mobile workstation is producing 8% faster benchmarks when compared to the previous Intel Core i7 6700HQ as well as up to 15% improvements with regards to 4K video decoding and transcoding. Now thanks to the 7th Generations VP9 and HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration technology 4k video playback with HDR visual quality is dramatically improved.


The WS-M153S also features NVIDIA latest Pascal Quadro technology with the impressive Quadro P3000. This graphics cards produces plenty of graphical performance to comfortably work within pro 3D Design application and Virtual Reality Workflows whilst remaining confident of stability and reliability.

M.2 PCI-E GEN 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD

Utilising the very latest in NVMe storage technology the WS-M153S also delivers impressive data transfer performance. Taking full advantage of the PCI-E Gen 3.0 x4 interface a single M.2 based SSD in the WS-M153S is up to 5x faster than a SATA3 SSD commonly fitted to high performance mobile workstations only a couple years ago. This harmonious relationship of software and hardware in M.2 NVMe technology produces up to 2200MB/s data transfer speeds.

ISV Certification

The WS-M153S is ISV certified by major Software houses such as Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Adobe, and many more. This ensures you can feel confident in performance and compatibility when working with your professional applications.

Cooling Solution

All this performance produces a lot of heat. The WS-M153S’s cooling technology known as the ‘cooler boost trinity’ is perfectly equipped to deal with all excess heat, ensuring you can rest at ease knowing your system will run at a cool, optimal temperature. The cooler boost trinity technology uses triple enhanced fans, featuring up to 41 blades which moves up to 31% more air whilst maintaining the same quiet noise levels of previous generations. Both the CPU and GPU are also independently cooled via 5 heat pipes ensuring both key hardware components run smoothly and efficiently whilst maintaining optimum performance.

Exceptional Support

We understand the importance of your Workstation Solutions and how they are a long term investment. They are the tools that provide you and your company a living at the end of the day. When purchasing with Workstation Specialists you can set your mind at ease. Our WS-M153S come with 3 Years Parts & Labour warranty* backed up by our expert support staff with years of experience. We understand that maintaining your uptime to keep you working stress free is of critical importance to you. Our dedicated support team are committed to delivering you that experience.

*1 year warranty on consumable items including, battery, keyboard, track-pad, power adaptor and screen.


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