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WS-E1320A-G4 Enterprise AMD EPYC 3D Visualisation Workstation Full CPU Block Coverage All-In-One Liquid Cooling Solution 2x Intel i210-AT Gigabit RJ45 Network Ports 1x Gigabit Remote Management RJ45 Port

£842.33 exc. VAT

End of Life

SKU: WS-E1320A-G4

The WS-E1320A-G4 is a well-rounded, cost-effective, enterprise class workstation specifically designed for high performance compute and CPU / GPU rendering workflows. Powered by a single AMD EPYC™ processor providing up to 32 cores & 64 threads, as well as compatibility for 1TB of 8-channel ECC Reg. DDR4 memory. The WS-E1320A-G4 can also be configured with up to 4 high performance AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards capable of accelerating your analytics, simulations and GPU renders to previously unimaginable levels

Details & Specifications

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