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Welcome to the world of fast rendering, where complex highly detailed 3D scenes can be rendered without bottlenecks, with breath-taking speed and efficiency. Welcome to the RS-R.

Developed to dramatically reduce the time required to render images, our innovative RS-R render node is an extremely scalable, 100% dedicated rack mounted rendering system. Powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 series processors to provide up to 48 CPU rendering cores (96 CPU Threads) and 1,024GB of RAM per system (1U). Easily configurable from 2 to over 1000 render nodes providing an extremely powerful, efficient and flexible render farm solution to suit projects and studios of any size.

Perfect for High Resolution Images or Animation Rendering with 3dsmax, Maya, Showcase, Cinema4D, VRay, Mental Ray and Adobe After Effects.

The RS-R render system gives full size performance in half the space of other competing solutions.  We have developed an innovative 1U rendering system (rack mountable) that contains 2 completely independent 24 core, 48 thread render nodes. Providing both high performance and high density in the same package. Each render node (or render blade as they are also known) comes complete with Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, up to 16 memory slots (512GB Max Memory support) and a variety of storage options from 64GB to 3TB (in both Solid State & 7,200/10,000rpm technologies). Management is also a breeze with on board IPMI remote management with iKVM.

Each render node (server/blade) is 100% independent, utilizing a separate highly efficient power supply unit (80Plus Gold) and can be operated in or out of the rack enclosure.


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