RS-D2220 Enterprise Desktop/Deskside CPU Rendering System

The RS-D2220 offers you enterprise class network rendering capabilities without the need for enterprise class infrastructure. This tiny rendering box offers users the same power and performance our rack based rendering solutions, packaged up in a quieter office friendly system. Unburden your workstation of CPU intensive rendering tasks and let the RS-D2220 perform to same job in a fraction of the time.

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Offload The Strains of Rendering and Eliminate Your Workflow Bottlenecks.

The RS-D2220 is designed to be a creative professional’s best friend. This bespoke rendering solutions is design to fit comfortably and quietly on your desk crunching through renders so your workstation doesn’t have to. With a Workstation Specialists RS-D2220 you can achieve renders in record times whilst freeing up your Workstation so designers can keep on designing.

How it Works

All you need is power, a network connection and a little bit of know how. Once you have followed our supplied guide to set up your RS-D2220 you can completely control the system remotely on your workstation. From there you can install any software you require from AutoDesk 3D Studio Max with backburner to Cinema4D with Team Render. Please talk to our Customer Service Team for any guidance or assistance needed.

What’s in the Box

Our revolutionary unique design features all the advanced technology featured in our rackmount enterprise RS-R4220-U1. Whilst packaging it up in a stylishly small and importantly quieter unit. The RS-D2220 features 2 incredibly power Intel Xeon 2600 v4 processors delivering potentially massive 24 physical cores and 48 threads. These processors can produce up to 30x performance increase over a standard Intel Core i7 CPU’s. Click on our ROI Calculator tab above to see what performance gains you can achieve.

To keep costs down this system also does away with expensive graphics cards and other task that are not necessary for rendering tasks. Focus your budget on exactly what you need to dramatically reduce your rendering times.

Who Would Benefit From This System?

If you find that renders are taking too long. If you can’t afford the corporate infrastructure of a dedicated server rooms with air-conditioning units, or you simply work in a small / open plan office and need to keep your systems quiet. The RS-D2220 is the solution for you. Giving you all the advantages that a remote enterprise class render farm provides you without the draw backs. The RS-D2220 is so small it’s portable to allow you to easily take your RS-D2220 from home to the office.

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