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Take performance to the next level and accelerate your workflows with a Frequency Enhanced Core i Series Workstation. Using the latest Intel® Core™ i5 / i7 / i9 processor technology these workstations offer users our highest possible clock speeds available today. Not only does this make these workstations our highest performing solutions for single or lightly threaded workflows such as CAD design, video / photo editing, architectural visualisation and games development. It is also a very cost effective solution with options to suit all budgets.

What is Frequency Enhancement and Is it Safe?

Frequency Enhancement also known as a “Professional Overclocking”, is a process in which our in-house engineers configure your system to accelerate processor clock speeds beyond what they are capable of out the box. We do this to maximise the capabilities of your hardware & accelerate performance to new heights. The Intel® Core™ i series processors are offered by Intel® in what is known as an “unlocked” state, meaning they have made overclocking possible for system integrators and enthusiasts on these processors.

All unlocked processors from Intel® are capable of performing at a higher level than their default settings however, overclocks need to be tailored to your specific processor and high-end cooling must also be integrated to keep additional heat generation under control. Our in-house engineers have many years of experience Frequency Enhancing workstations and we only use the best quality, highly efficient and reliable cooling solutions in our Workstations. We have found that our Frequency Enhanced workstation can offer users up to a 35% performance boost whilst maintaining a perfectly reliable solution for a 3 year lifespan and beyond.

NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Options Available

Configure your new workstation with powerful professional or consumer grade graphics card to tailor your system to your needs. NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX series graphics are perfect for professional grade 3D design software applications such as SOLIDWORKS, Creo, Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit etc.. due to their ISV certification, ensuring reliability and optimised driver support to accelerate performance.

NVIDIA GeForce options are also a fantastic option for those who wish to perform GPU renders, use 3D design engines for games development, or photo / video editing with Adobe products. NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards generally give more performance for your money than their professional counterparts and these types of workflows will not benefit from the feature sets available within the professional grade graphics alternatives.

If you plan to better visualise your 3D creations with stunning, fully immersive Virtual Reality Environments then we recommend that you select an NVIDIA Quadro P4000 or above, AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 or above or a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or above. This should guarantee you have the performance required to fully bring your creations to life.

to create a fantastic solution for games development and Virtual Reality. NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards support DirectX 12 and are optimised for gaming engines such as Unreal / Unity. This ensures 3D Engine Developers receive the high refresh rates, performance and smooth playback required from your Workstation.

Accelerate Your Workstation With The Latest Solid State Drive Technology

Solid State Drives provide users with read and write performance far beyond what traditional Hard Disk Drives can offer, and the very latest M.2 NVMe based SSD’s are significantly faster than a SATA based drive. What this means for end users is that your system will boot far more quickly, load / save projects far quicker and in general your system will feel far more responsive than ever before, making them a must have for today’s professionals.

They are however, relatively expensive compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives in terms of the overall capacity. Therefore, we would recommend users to configure their new workstations with an M.2 NVMe SSD as the primary drive for their Operating System / active project files and pair this with a secondary, larger capacity HDD for long term storage. This balanced configuration offers users a cost-effective solution enabling super fast workstation performance and high capacity long term storage without breaking the bank.

AMD Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7 Workstations Are Ideal For

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Intel Core Video Editing

Next-Level Content Creation

Intel’s most powerful platform for creators for single threaded workflows. Enabling faster 4K video editing capabilities, smoother viewpoints when working 3D models and smoother playback experience when developing games in 3D design engines.

Intel Core VR Woman

Uncompromising Gaming and VR

New levels of single, multi-threaded, and mega-tasking performance for the latest AAA games and VR. Experience faster game performance with Intel® Core i™ processors.

Intel® Online Connect

With Intel® Online Connect, security is built-in 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and above, which adds a layer of protection to make browsing and online payments safe and simple.

Why Choose Workstation Specialists

Quick Turnaround

We are able to guarantee an industry leading turnaround time of 5-7 working days on the majority of our system orders by holding stock of key components. In addition only reliable supply lines are used to obtain remaining components.

High Quality Components​

We track the reliability of every component we use and if that item is not up to our high standards we will not sell it. Therefore you can be confident that buying any solution from us will meet the stability and reliability you and your business require.

Here to Help You

You will receive a dedicated account manager responsible for resolving any questions or enquiries you may have. When contacting us via phone or email you will be greeted by a real person ready to assist you.

Hand Built by Experienced Engineers​

Each of our systems are hand built to order by a dedicated highly trained engineer. This enables us to guarantee the quality of each of our solution builds and allows us to supply a product you can rely on.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Every system has to pass a minimum 48 hours of burn-in to stress components to their maximum to identify any faults. A thorough Q&A procedure is also used to independently verify build quality. As a result we are confident in the robustness of every system that leaves our workshop.

Warranty Packages Designed To Fit Around You

Support that goes above and beyond. Our standard warranty package includes 36 Months Premium RTB Hardware Warranty with Remote Engineer Diagnostics by Next Business Day. If you require something extra then labour only extensions and on-site options can be tailored around you.

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