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NVIDIA P5000 Top Angled

NVIDIA Quadro P5000 - 16GB GDDR5X Workstation Graphics Card (2560x Cores) - Retail

NVIDIA Quadro P5000 - 16GB GDDR5X Workstation Graphics Card (2560x Cores) - Retail Boxed

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Key Features

  • • 2560 CUDA Cores
  • • 16GB GDDR5X Memory
  • • 4x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x DVI-D
  • • 180W Power Consumption


NVIDIA has released its newest addition to its growing list of graphics cards. Dubbed the NVIDIA Quadro P5000, it is one of the first pro-grade models to be based on the Pascal architecture. This professional graphics card is founded on the GP104 processors and built on the 16 nm finFET process. Being a dual slot card, P5000 draws its power from 1x 8 pin connectors with a maximum power draw rating of 180 W. It is clear that this unit is meant to bring a completely new range of capabilities and to enhance the power of visual reality (VR) by combining complex visual effects with vivid resolutions.

Pascal Architecture Overview

Pascal architecture offers a variety of improvements including dynamic load support for GDDR5X RAM, enhanced simultaneous multi-projection and a 16nm finFET.

16nm FinFET

The main advantage of 16nm finFET is that it improves the way intensive tasks such as processing of 3D scenes are handled. This card is as such optimized to handle complex video effects, Photoshop fillers or even simulations. By offering smaller finFET transistors, NVIDIA has made it possible to pack more onto the board meaning better number-crunching can be done at a go – meaning you end up with a more powerful card.

Dynamic Load Support

Dynamic load support is the central concept that decides how power is distributed to handle multiple tasks as per user requests. For instance, some scenes could include 3D elements alongside non-3D features like 2D effects, video etc. The P5000 is intelligently built to determine which of the running elements need more processing power and distributes it proportionally.

GDDR5X Graphical Memory

This enhanced random access memory can transmit data twice as fast as the GDDR5 which NVIDIA used for its preceding graphics cards. This is achieved by avoiding bottlenecks that tend to slow down performance and disappoint users. In addition to this extra speed, P5000 boasts huge memory capacity of 16GB up from its older sibling the M5000 which has 8GB.

High Resolution Outputs

The card supports DisplayPort 1.4 standard output which means it can effectively handle resolutions of up to 33 megapixels or double the resolution of a typical 5K screen. Its display connectors include DP 1.4(4), DVI-D (1) and optional stereo (1). Overall, the card measures 267mm in length and it features a dual-slot cooling capacity.

Multiple Display Outputs

Perhaps the biggest advantage with the Pascal architecture is a new display controller. The NVIDIA Quadro P5000 comes with four DisplayPorts and the enhanced controller means the card can not only accommodate higher resolutions but also better refresh rates. This graphics card can handle 4 monitors operating a 5K@60Hz or even 8K monitors.

Performance Overview

NVIDIA Quadro P5000 graphics card uses the latest process technology and it comes with higher transistor count, which offers better compute and graphics performance alongside power efficiency. In addition, Pascal architecture has a unique ability to create left-right eye visuals for Virtual Reality with a single pass-through geometry. Generally, Pascal GPUs can provide up to 2 times effective geometry throughput thereby enabling richer, lifelike experiences. Dynamic load balancing creates an environment of efficient sharing of resources between compute tasks and graphics resulting in better workloads and graphics.

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Product Specifications
CUDA Cores: 2560
GPU Memory: 16 GB GDDR5X
FP 32 Performance: 8.9 TFLOPs
Max Power Consumption: 180 W
Graphics Bus: PCI Express 3.0 x16
Display Connectors: DP 1.4 (4)
DVI-D (1)
Optional Stereo (1)
Form Factor: 4.4" H x 10.5" L Dual Slot

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NVIDIA Quadro P5000 - 16GB GDDR5X Workstation Graphics Card (2560x Cores) - Retail