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Deep Learning Solutions

Deep Learning Hardware Solutions

Advances in GPU technology over recent years has opened doors to researchers, scientists & innovators wishing to use deep learning techniques to develop neural networks. By using algorithms, big data, and the computational power of new age NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, artificial Intelligence is now able to achieve things that were previously confined to science fiction.

Deep Learning enables scientific & research communities to solve many real world problems. Image processing, speech recognition & translation, natural language processing, several driving assistance tools are but a few examples becoming more and more common due to the advancement of deep learning technologies. This revolutionary industry is making real world changes that will affect our daily lives, from our smartphones to autonomous vehicles and this is all powered by high-end GPU Servers.

These highly intensive and advanced computing algorithms take current computing technologies to their limits. Here at Workstation Specialists we offer a consultancy service and a range of solutions tailored to your needs. This allows users to rest assured that their investment is effectively spent on precisely what they require to achieve their goals.

New Trends That Are Revolutionising Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables computers to learn from a huge bundle of data, meaning they can self-correct programming pitfalls. When machines are exposed to a large database, they can self-learn and evolve. Machine learning along with Artificial Intelligence are immensely powerful computing techniques that will drive research and development around the world for years to come.

Massive amounts of data can be processed in a small amount of time by using NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU servers, enabling industries to dramatically advance fields such as medical research & diagnosis, authorities security measures and climate prediction.

Compute GPUs are amazing when it comes to managing parallel workloads and boosting the speed of neural networks by ten to twenty times, keeping training and inference times to a minimum. NVIDIA collaborated with some of the leading AI developers for improving their GPU design, their system architecture and their codes and algorithms. They have also tweaked compilers for accelerating the training within the deep neural networks by fifty times in just three years. The company expects a further ten times boost in the next two years.

A future of AI driven smart apps, digital assistants and main stream use of Artificial Intelligence can be predicted from the advancement of deep learning. The leap for a better future for humankind will be assisted by high-end GPUs and their cost effective exponential increase in computational power over traditional CPU based alternatives.

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